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Our research datasets have the following structure:

  • NASDAQ News: contains 1.4M articles with features like headline, author, link, timestamp, tag, category, mentioned companies’ abbreviations and the full text. You can choose to work either only with headlines or the full articles.
  • Financial Risk Meter (FRM): helps identifying different systemic risk level in the financial market over time, starting from 2020. To find out more about how the FRM is constructed, how the risk values are calculated and get a sample dataset, please visit the FRM Website.
  • Ethereum Statistics:
    Market Data (Ether Daily Price (USD), Total Supply & Market Cap, Total Supply & Market Cap, Ether Market Capitalization, Ether Market Capitalization, Ether Supply Growth Chart)

    Blockchain Data (Daily Transactions, ERC20 Daily Token Transfer, Unique Addresses, Average Block Size, Average Block Time, Average Gas Price, Average Gas Limit, Daily Gas Used, Daily Block Rewards, Block Count and Rewards, Uncle Count and Rewards, Full Node Sync (Default), Full Node Sync (Archive), Daily Active Ethereum Address, Daily Active ERC20 Address)

    Network Data (Network Hash Rate, Network Difficulty, Network Pending Transactions, Network Transaction Fee, Network Utilization)
  • Trading data of up to 12 largest cryptocurrencies, collected from 8 largest cryptocurrency exchanges:
  • Binance: unix timestamp, transaction id, quantity, price, asset, date, buy/sell flag, seller id, buyer id
  • Bitfinex: unix timestamp, asset, transaction id, quantity, price, date
  • Bitstamp: unix timestamp, asset, transaction id, quantity, price, sell, date, side, buyer id
  • Coinbase Pro: unix timestamp, asset, transaction id, quantity, price, date, make order id, take order id, buy/sell flag
  • HitBTC: unix timestamp, asset, transaction id, quantity, price, date, buy/sell flag)
  • OKEx: unix timestamp, asset , transaction id, quantity, price
  • Poloniex: unix timestamp, asset, transaction id, lowest ask, highest bid, price, date
  • Deribit LOB: unix timestamp, asset, transaction id, trade sequence, trade id, timestamp, tick direction, price, implied volatility, index price, sell/buy flag, amount
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